February TBR

I’m hoping to get to these books this month, I’ll probably read a couple more but quite like picking something up on a whim So I don’t want to make my TBR too big.

Educated – Tara Westover

I’ve already started this and enjoying it so far. Predicting a 5 star read!

1984 – George Orwell

This will be a re-read but I haven’t read it since school and really fancy giving it another go.

The Mayfly – James Hazel

I don’t know much about this as I got it in a mystery box but it looks like a crime thriller with some world world 2 stuff mixed in!

The Stand – Stephen King

I haven’t read any Stephen King in ages and this one is HUGE! But usually I can get through this kind of thing quite quick so hopefully it won’t take too long. This one is about a virus that’s causes an apocalypse I believe, sounds good!

Turning the Tide on Plastic – Lucy Siegle

I’ve bought this on my kindle, really hoping I will learn how to reduce plastic use on an every day basis as it’s such a big issue now.

Emma – Jane Austen

This is the only Jane Austen book that I haven’t read yet and I’m aiming to fit in some classics this year.

Have you read any of these? Where should I start first?!


Then, Now & Next #1

This is a little update post on where I currently am with reading. I usually have a couple of books on the go at one time and have plans to read absolutely loads but I’ve tried to narrow it down to one that I’m definitely going to get to soon!


Mythos – Stephen Fry

Rating ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I sped through this one so quickly! Stephen Fry is such an entertaining storyteller (as I expected) and he has really put his own spin on the classical myths without losing the essential elements of the stories.

I knew a few bits and bobs about Greek myth before going into this but still found the amount of characters and their often impossible to pronounce names overwhelming. That Zeus fella had so many children by so many different wives and they all had children too, please tell me if you have read this that I’m not the only one struggling to keep track?

Despite the confusion, which is of course not the authors fault but simply how it is, I really enjoyed this!


The House on Cold Hill – Peter James

I started this on my kindle ages ago and haven’t really picked up my kindle since but decided it’s time to finish it! When I say started, I literally only read 8 pages.

I love Peter James’ ‘Roy Grace’ series but often find his standalone novels can be a bit hit or miss. I decided to get this one because it was in the amazon kindle monthly deal for 99p so what the hell! It seems to be a classic ghost story where an unsuspecting family move into a haunted house. Hoping this one is going to be a light, quick read.

The Private Lives of the Tudors – Tracy Borman

I’m currently working my way through this on audiobook. The Tudor period has always fascinated me and this adds a little more to the history. For example, I have so far learnt about how the Kings would have a servant whose sole job was to monitor and clear up their bowel movements. Monitoring involved checking the colour and consistency for any signs of illness. You would think this would be a pretty crap job (ahem) but it was actually one of the highest positions and the servant would usually be a very close friend of the king’s.


Educated – Tara Westover

I’ve heard so many good things about this one. This is a memoir from a woman born into a strict Mormon household and her eventual mission to educate herself and escape her isolated upbringing.

I always like reading about completely different ways of life and don’t know much about the Mormons or their beliefs so looking forward to this.

Have you read any of these? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Finding Time to Read

Making time to read isn’t easy, there are always a million other things that need doing (housework, shopping, work, spending time with the little ones and husband). Despite all that, I try to make it my goal to read 100 pages a day. Here are some my tips to make it happen!

  • Choose reading: When I get some time to myself, usually in the evening when the little ones are in bed, I settle down with my book in the bath or on the sofa. I much prefer this over watching TV or fiddling around on my phone.
  • Lunch break: I only get 30 minutes lunch break at work but that’s plenty of time to get in some reading while I eat.
  • Audiobooks: Is this reading? A bit debatable maybe! I always like to have one on the go and listen on my commute to and from work or to the shops etc. I usually read one book this way a month.
  • Take your book everywhere: You never know when an opportunity to read might present itself! Unfortunately, I can’t read a physical book in the car (travel sickness) but if we have to stop for petrol I can get in a couple of pages whilst my husband is filling up. It would be awful if we broke down but at least I would have some entertainment with me! Waiting for appointments are also reading opportunities.
  • Have a goal: If you are goal driven like me, setting a goal to read a certain amount will make you more conscious of your time and more likely to fit it in

I would love to hear your tips on how to squeeze more reading time in!